Anime Expo - School Idol Project - Love Live!

Various photoshoots for School Idol Project at Anime Expo 2016.


Love Live - Photoshoots

Photoshoots from the Love Live meetups at Anime Expo 2016


Love Live - μ's Cyber Set

Photos from a night and indoor set of all 9 μ's members in the "Cyber" outfits from the hit mobile game, School Idol Festival


Love Live - Marine Character set.

Small photoshoot from Love Live.


Love Live - Snow Halation (version Ayase Eli)

Cosplay from the 2nd μ's PV, Snow Halation,. 


Love Live - Hanayo X Rin Fairy card set .

A cosplay duo inspired by the mobile game - School Idol Festival, for modern smart devices.


Love Live General 

More Love Live Photosets